If you are interested in using the services of Real Football Data, here are a few testimonials from people that I have worked with:

Dawn Farrow founder and CEO of Boom Ents/Sport: “Dan is a highly valued member of our team. His approach to analytics always ensures that we have the data we need as a business to make key decisions. He’s hard working and reliable which is crucial to us as a small business”

Chris Coates – Physioroom: “Dan has the valuable ability to produce articles that are backed up by facts thanks to his exceptional and consistent use of data which he himself sources. Thanks to this statistical grounding he is able to give great insight in to the topic at hand while also being able to draw interesting and engaging conclusions for the reader.”

Chris Bakker founder and owner of Loserpool and sponsor of the Real Football Cast “Dan is not only an excellent podcast host, but he has also been invaluable in offering insights in regard to the marketing of my new betting company. His analytical background has provided so much value and I cannot recommend him enough”

Customer feedback from Fiverr – 5 star rating across all orders.

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