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Who Is The Greatest Convert In Front Of Goal

Now that we’re four weeks into the Premier League season it gives us the perfect opportunity to start analysing the data that is now readily available. A month into proceedings gives us an ideal benchmark to work with as anything… Continue Reading →

All Change In The Premier League

With the first international break of the Premier League complete it gives us the perfect time to take stock of the first month or so of action. Statistics can be produced after the first game of the season has been… Continue Reading →

When Does Mauricio Pochettino Make His Subs

After recently analysing when Tottenham scored and conceded their goals last season, it is now time to take a look at when Mauricio Pochettino made his subs in the 2017/18 Premier League campaign. If there was or perhpas still is… Continue Reading →

Tottenham Goal Split Stats 2017/18

The Premier League season has come to an end and Tottenham fans will no doubt be delighted with the fact that their beloved club have secured a third top three finish and with that a return to the Champions League,… Continue Reading →

Who Is Top Of The Social Media Premier League

There is no doubting what part Social Media plays currently in our day to day lives and that statement is arguably most apparent when it comes to Football. The world of Football on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and… Continue Reading →

The Best Defensive Ratio In The Premier League

Over the past seven days or so I’ve started looking at which teams are the most efficient in front of goal, there is a whole host of data available on the main page of this site so please feel free… Continue Reading →

Who Is The Most Ruthless Team Across Europe? – Part 1

Across the past week or so I’ve been collecting data across all five of the major leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) in terms of shot efficiency and I have been able to then bring you so interesting analysis… Continue Reading →

Premier League 2017/18 Shot Efficiency – Week 11

After launching the new project of shot efficiency last weekend it is now time to add in all data from Week 11 and see what change it has had on just how ruthless teams are in front of goal, for… Continue Reading →

Premier League – Prediction Data Analysis

As you may be aware I have been carrying out some Premier League Predictions polls to start this season to see if the wisdom of crowds can predict the outcome of football matches, the hopeful aim is to carry out… Continue Reading →

Premier League – Where Have The Goals Been Scored

You may have seen elsewhere in the website that over the course of the summer I carried out some when the goal split exercises, if you didn’t then the basic premise is very simple. I take all the data over… Continue Reading →

What If The Premier League Gave Out Points Like The Emirates Cup

This is somewhat inspired by Arsenal winning the Emirates Cup even though they lost a game when Sevilla who finished second won both of theirs, yes it was a farcical way to win a tournament but at the end of… Continue Reading →

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