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The Law Of Premier League Goal Averages

A few days ago I looked at the different element of Premier League data and created a piece on Premier League goal averages and their correlation between that and where a team sits in the table. After the midweek fixtures… Continue Reading →

Premier League Goal Averages

Time for a quick snapshot of some Premier League data as I delve into each of the 20 Premier League teams current goal averages. I’ve already looked at shot efficiency over the past few weeks, with the latest findings showing… Continue Reading →

How Ruthless Are Manchester City?

It is time to once again look at all things efficiency in front of goal as I have analysed the data from all the action during last weekend’s Premier League fixtures. Don’t be confused by the article title, I feel… Continue Reading →

Premier League 2017/18 Shot Efficiency – Week 12

Time to once again discuss all things shot efficiency as we return to the Premier League for the third article in this particular series, with each week that passes we will have more and more data and ultimately that will… Continue Reading →

The Best Defensive Ratio In The Premier League

Over the past seven days or so I’ve started looking at which teams are the most efficient in front of goal, there is a whole host of data available on the main page of this site so please feel free… Continue Reading →

Premier League 2017/18 Shot Efficiency – Week 11

After launching the new project of shot efficiency last weekend it is now time to add in all data from Week 11 and see what change it has had on just how ruthless teams are in front of goal, for… Continue Reading →

Premier League 2017/18 Shot Efficiency – Week 10

You may have read my piece on a new project that I’m going to work in regards to shot efficiency. The first one to kick start this was La Liga after 10 weeks and now I’m going to offer up… Continue Reading →

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