Apologies for the delay, a combination of a busy weekend and an even busier Monday meant that I have not got round to analysing the latest batch of highly scientific polls. Our last article left us at Group F which just like night following day it is time for Group G.

We have broken the 1000 barrier in terms of votes – 1064 to be precise and always a big thanks to those who have got involved, but without further delay lets see how the poll to see who will top Group G panned out. Ladies and Gentlemen here are the results.

Now the fact that Group G contains England will have undoubtedly created some interest here, 133 votes were logged and it was the closer poll we have had to date. With additional interest also creates additional bias, that said it is perhaps surprising that the Three Lions did not top the poll.

Perhaps this reflects the mood from England fans, they’ve either seen it all before or they are not holding out much hope of topping the group. Roberto Martinez’s Belgian side picked up just under half of the vote with 49%, pipping England to top spot by 5%

As for Panama and Tunisia then they can only be nothing more than the equivalent of a spoiled ballot because even with the greatest of respect there is no way either of those two nations will top the group and I don’t think I have many followers from these two nations either.

So with the top of Group G decided, lets now take a look at who will finish in second place:

This one was more of an emphatic victory and again the common trait of the reverse order in the first poll is matched in the second. So Belgium and England have locked out the top two spots, what is interesting to see is tat many English feel that we (I am English) will only finish in second.

If we assume rightly or wrongly that both nations will beat both Panama and Tunisia then it could well come down to a virtual playoff to see who ends up at the Group G summit. This poll saw 127 votes logged and nearly six out of every ten where in favour in England.

Belgium picked up just over a quarter while Tunisia landed third spot with nine percent and Panama bringing up the rear with just six. There is perhaps a more respectable element to the votes for the latter two nations but even so it will take a huge upset for either of them to break the Belgian/English Group G duopoly.

1304 votes have now been logged with the average sample size now at 93 votes. This means that both these polls were above average, again the main determining factor would be due to the fact that England are in this group and that is going to draw a larger attention then the other six groups that have been polled so far.

Now we have more seven groups worth of polls, we can also start to list who twitter thinks will qualify:


As you can see it is very European based at the moment, with over 70% what will be the tournament’s home continent. What is also interesting is the fact that no nation from Asia or Africa has made it through to the suggested Round of 16 list, will that change when we look at the Group H?


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