The penultimate of the eight pre-tournament World Cup poll analysis pieces now, six have already been created so by all means feel free to get up to speed with those before you read this one (to be honest it does make sense if you work from the start). Previously we looked at the results in Group F, so now it is time to look at what happened in Group G.

First up here is how you voted when I asked who would finish top of Group G.

This one provided us with one the larger voting samples of the whole analysis period, this can easily be explained by the fact that England are in Group G. Although that said it seems that national pride did not get in the way of any voting as Gareth Southgate’s men were only second in this poll.

That means that Belgium were the hot pick and although there was only 5% between them and England, Roberto Martinez’s men earned just under half of the votes as they picked up maximum points on their way to topping Group G.

So this now means that Twitter is 9 for 13 in terms of correct polls, but how did they fare in terms of the runner up poll?

Again another hefty sample size this time around, 127 votes in fact. A big thanks to all that took the time to vote in this one, and it seems as if England fans only expected second in the group before the tournament started. 59% got this one correct as they were edged into second place.

Although had you carried out this poll after their 6-1 win over Panama last week then it could well have been a different story. This means that it is now 10 out 14 correct in terms of polls, as Twitter edges it’s strike rate a little higher after a rocky couple of groups.

Not only that but the fact that there were two big sample sized and in turn correct votes will do wonders for the correct total vote percentage. If we breakdown the Group G votes, they were as follows:

65 votes were logged correctly for Belgium
75 votes were logged correctly for England

That means 53.8% of all votes that were logged in Group G were correct ones, a majority albeit a slim one.

When we look at the total votes of which there have now been 1314 – a big thanks to all that have taken the time to do so, it means that 46% of them have been correct. Again considering there are more incorrect options then correct ones then this is pretty good going.

If we were to give a value of 4 points to the poll winners and 1 to the team with the lowest votes then Group G would look as follows:

Belgium 7
England 7
Tunisia 3
Panama 3

The only thing that skewed Group G is the fact that Panama were third in the poll to see who would win the group.

So as we move into the final analysis piece for Group H, the Round of 16 looks as follows:

Croatia (voted second place)
Argentina (voted first place)
Switzerland (voted Serbia in second)
Sweden (voted Germany in first place)

A 71.4% hit rate in terms of correct polls, an 85.7% hit rate in terms of correct qualifiers

What will the final outcome be once we have analysed Group H?


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