You know what they say you wait for one World Cup voting analysis article and then two come along at once, again perhaps not the most well known of sayings but one that certainly rings true. The previous article covered Group D and you can probably guess what is coming up next, that’s right it’s Group E.

A total of 766 votes have already been logged up until this point and a big thanks to all that have done so, without further delay lets take a look at how you think the fourth set of polls will pan out. Ladies and Gentlemen here is how you voted in Group E

As always we will look at the group stage winners first,

Now it is fair to say that this one was an absolute landslide, only 68 of you voted but you were almost unanimous in the fact that you have backed Brazil to win Group E. Nine out of ten votes went in the direction of Neymar, Philippe Countinho et al and because of that there was very little left over for the other three nations in the group.

With just 10% left to split, Serbia just edged into second place with 4% of the vote while Costa Rica and Switzerland had to make do with 3% a piece.

With the Selecao romping to victory in this poll, lets now take a look how the Runner up poll in Group E panned out:

Compared to the first of the two polls this one had a much more competitive split. Thanks to the 69 people who logged a vote here, just over a third think that Serbia are going to finish second in Group E. They beat Switzerland by 6% with Costa Rica a further 8% behind.

The fact that Brazil finished bottom of this poll, comes as no real surprise and can be explained by the fact that because so many people are confident that they are going to win the group then not as many people deem them worthy of only finishing second in the group.

Once again there was also the first and second place symmetry that we have seen so often, a second place in the group winners poll then means a victory in that of the runners up poll.

903 votes have been logged on in this phase of the operation, meaning that the average poll size is 90.3. This also means that the two Group E polls are both below average samples, again though that is not a cause for concern and thanks to all that have taken the time to vote up until this point.

If we look at the total votes and the split of whether each nation will qualify for the Round of 16, it is as follows:

Costa Rica 12.57%
Serbia 20.12%
Brazil 50.72%
Switzerland 16.60%

Here Brazil have logged just over half of all the votes that were placed in the two Group E polls, this was ultimately assisted by the fact that they picked up 90% of the votes from the group winners poll. While second place could be up for grabs with just 8% separating Serbia in second and Costa Rica in fourth.

Now we have more five groups worth of polls, we can also start to list who twitter thinks will qualify:


As you can see it is very European based at the moment, with 70% coming from what will be the tournament’s home continent.Whether they are correct we will have to wait and see while the breakdown of the data from Group F will follow Until then.


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