A slight delay on the analysis of Group D but with it being the weekend what better time to take stock of all the latest polls that have taken place as I aim to see whether Twitter can put its money where its mouth and predict the correct group stage outcome.

A total of 589 votes have already been logged up until this point and a big thanks to all that have done so, without further delay lets take a look at how you think the fourth set of polls will pan out. Ladies and Gentlemen here is how you voted in Group D.

As always we will look at the group stage winners first,

86 people took the time to vote, again thanks for doing so and the result was a relatively emphatic one as exactly two thirds of these votes reckon that Lionel Messi and Argentina will be the Group D table toppers. They were followed by Croatia were exactly one fifth of the votes were cast while Iceland picked up 11% and Nigeria 3%

With Argentina topping the first poll, who ended up topping the second?

91 people voted in this poll and this one had a much more even split. Croatia topped the poll but by not a clear margin as the other polls that have been carried out in the past week , 43% of votes went in their direction with Argentina just pipping Iceland to third place by a solitary percentage point. It however was not good news for Nigeria as only one in ten people feel that they will qualify from Group D.

This now means that a total of 766 votes have been logged up until this point, with the average sample size being 96 votes. This means that both Group D polls that were carried out were below average in size, ultimately that is nothing to be concerned about though.

If we look at the total votes and the split of whether each nation will qualify for the Round of 16, it is as follows:

Argentina 44.41%
Croatia 31.82%
Iceland 17.17%
Nigeria 6.60%

44% of all votes cast have Argentina qualifying from Group D while just under 32% have gone to Croatia, between them the two nations have locked out three quarters of the total votes and with that in mind it is going to be something of a surprise should Iceland or Nigeria manage to make the knockout stages.

Now we have more than one groups worth of polls, we can also start to list who twitter thinks will qualify:


As you can see it is very European based at the moment, with three quarters of the nations coming from what will be the tournament’s home continent.Whether they are correct we will have to wait and see while the breakdown of the data from Group E will follow Until then.

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