As you may now be aware I am carrying out a number of polls both before and during this Summer’s World Cup tournament, yesterday saw me dissect the votes from Group B and that means today’s article sees us take a look at the votes for Group C

Like the two days previous, where better to start then with the burning question as to who will finish top of Group C. Firstly a big thanks to 76 people that took the time to vote, not as much as the day before but still every vote counts as I aim to collect as much data as possible

Of those 76 votes, it was France who swept the board with 78% of voters deeming Didier Deschamps’s men as worthy of topping Group C, this was 2% more than what the percentage that Spain took in the table topping poll for Group B.

With only 22% left to split across the other three nations, it was Denmark who picked up the slack with 11% of the votes going to them, Peru earned 8% and Australia 3%. To be honest France winning this poll was no real surprise, although the margin was not perhaps as high as expected.


That takes care of who will top Group C, but what about who will finish runner-up. 79 people took the time to vote in this poll, and again thanks to all that did. This means that a total of 589 votes have been logged in the past three days, not necessarily unique voters but still a decent sized sample all the same.

This also means the average sample size is 98 so both of these polls were below average in size, anyway let’s dissect how the votes came in. Denmark topped this poll at 65% with Peru coming second in 15%, what is interesting here is that the pattern of winner in one poll and runner up in another has been broken.

We have seen a symmetry in the first four polls but this has not been replicated due to France not coming second in this poll. Does this perhaps indicate that this group is one of the more wide open. If the French are deemed heavy favourites to win Group C then could Peru be an outside bet for the Round of 16?

Both France and Australia picked up 10% of this vote, in terms of the French it could well be explained by the fact that people would not have voted them to finish second due to heavy confidence in them topping the table

Let’s now take a look at the total percentage split to qualify, from the total of 155 votes it is as follows

Australia 6.57%
France 43.34%
Denmark 38.52%
Peru 11.57%

Just over two fifths of all the votes cast have France down to qualify for the Round of 16, while just under two fifths have Denmark to also qualify out of Group C. The margin would have been wider had more people backed people in the Runners-up poll. Then again they obviously seem confident that will be clear at the top.

The same confidence cannot be applied to the Peruvians with just over 1 in 10 votes going their way, while it is just over 1 in 15 for the Australians

Now we have more than one groups worth of polls, we can also start to list who twitter thinks will qualify:


As you can see it is very European based at the moment, with five of the six nations coming from what will be the tournament’s home continent.

Whether they are correct we will have to wait and see while the breakdown of the data from Group D takes place tomorrow. Until then


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