Two of my pre-tournament poll analysis articles have been completed, which means there are six to go. In the last article we looked at Group B and whether the wisdom of crowds knows what it is talking about. Now we are going to further test that theory when we look at Group C.

First up let’s look at how the poll to finish top of Group C played out:

Thanks to the 76 people who voted, and of those 78% of them were on the money as France ended up finishing top of the group. This means there were 59 correct votes logged in this particular poll, further reinforcing the notion that the people who have voted in these polls know what they are talking about. Especially as they are now five for five in terms of poll predictions.

Let’s now take a look at how the poll to finish runner up in Group C played out:

79 votes were logged here, just three more than that of the votes in the opening poll and again the wisdom of crowds has put their money where their mouths are and more importantly come up trumps as they continue their 100% streak in terms of poll predictions.

This poll was not so much of a landslide but there was still a high level of confidence in Denmark to finish second, as 65% of voters were correct this time around. This means that 51 votes were correct in this poll. What this also means that 71% of all votes in Group C were correct.

In addition to that it also means that 64% of all the total votes that have been logged (579) have been correct across the six polls that have currently been carried out.

A point of note here is that France were only joint third with Australia in the poll to finish runner up, perhaps this was due to such a high level of confidence in voters that they would win the group. In turn people felt that they certainly would not finish runner up in Group C.

If we were to attribute a value of four points to the poll winner and one to lowest votes then Group C would look as follows:

Denmark 7
France 6.5
Peru 4
Australia 2.5

This shows that Group C is a little out of sync with how it finished, as Denmark have got the most poll points. Ultimately though this can be explained by the reasons given enough regarding France in the runner poll, therefore the final result has been skewed somewhat.

This is nothing to worry about too much though as ultimately we are looking at the group and runners up polls and for that Twitter has got a perfect six for six record. Can they carry this on as we move into Group D and beyond?

Here is how the Round of 16 list is shaping up:



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