Another international break for many is a pain worse than death and although I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment it does at least give me the chance to carry out some analysis on the abundance of stats that I have at my disposal, and this hiatus is no different as I look at just what exactly is the score in the Premier League.

We have completed eight gameweeks so far this season, which means there have been no fewer than 80 completed fixtures. What I’ve done is take a look at just what exactly these scores were and what are the most recurring results in the division.

I won’t bore you with a long list of all the 80 results as that is readily available elsewhere on the internet, but what I will do is offer up a table of those when grouped together, something that looks as follows:

Score Count
1 – 2 11
2 – 0 8
0 – 2 7
2 – 1 6
0 – 0 6
1 – 1 6
2 – 2 4
3 – 1 4
1 – 0 4
0 – 3 3
3 – 2 3
0 – 1 3
3 – 0 3
4 – 0 2
1 – 3 2
4 – 2 2
6 – 1 1
2 – 3 1
4 – 1 1
0 – 5 1
0 – 4 1
1 – 5 1

But as always it is better to represent that in a graph, something that looks like this:


And the results are in, with the most recurring score so far this season being the 2-1 away win with 11 of the 80 fixtures ending this way. What is interesting is that of the top four most recurring results they are either a 2-1 or 2-0 home/away win.

30 out of the 80 score samples have ended in these four results, which equates to 37.5% of all the Premier League outcomes this season. While we have only had to make do with six 0-0’s the score that no fan wants to see, unless you are battling away from home.

And that leads us onto just where exactly the results are coming from. Of the 80 results available to us, here is how the results have been split

HL 30
HW 34
HD 16
AL 34
AW 30
AD 16


37.5% of all results in the Premier League have come in the shape of an away win, while 20% of them have been draws. Meaning that 42.5% of all Premier League fixtures have come in the form of a home win, including the draw it means that 62.5% of fixtures see the home team unbeaten.

This means that just under 2 out of every 3 fixtures sees the home team pick up at least a point in the Premier League this season. Now if I had the time or the inclination to compare this against other seasons I would, nay I say I probably should but its Sunday afternoon and it might have to be a job for another day.

What I can tell you is that Watford have had the most 2-1 home wins of the season so far with 2

Crystal Palace have had the most 2-1 away defeats with 2

Tottenham and Liverpool have each has the most away 2-1 wins with 2 to their name

Newcastle have lost the most games by a score of 2-1 at home with 3 defeats so far (also another one away from home)

Five of Newcastle’s six defeats have been by a solitary goal

Cardiff are the king of the 0-0 having played in two of this season’s six

The biggest win of the season was Manchester City’s 6-1 win over Huddersfield or there 0-5 win away at Cardiff, I guess it depends which is better more goals or a clean sheet

While here are some other random data bursts

Southampton, Huddersfield, Crystal Palace and Newcastle are still looking for their first home win of the campaign

Newcastle’s two points this season have both been earned away from St James Park

Tottenham have won the most away league fixtures with 4

Bournemouth, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City are still unbeaten at home

Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United are still unbeaten away

Arsenal, Leicester and Tottenham are yet to draw a Premier League fixture

To be honest this just a scatter gun of ideas and thoughts, not quite sure how you want to tie it together. If someone would like to make me an offer in regard to the data for betting purposes then please contact me on the email address below. This will certainly be a topic that I revisit soon.


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