The Premier League season has come to an end and with that it allows people such as myself a chance to dissect the mountains of data that has been collated over the past nine months, the first topic that I’m going to look at now that the final round of fixtures have been completed is just who contributed to the goals that Spurs scored over the course of the 2017/18 season.

Again thanks to for providing the necessary data – as I now offer up a table of who scored what for Mauricio Pochettino’s men as they secured a third successive top three finish in the Premier League.

Total Goals – 74

Rank Player Mins Goals % Split
1 Harry Kane 24, AM(C),FW 3083 30 40.54%
2 Son Heung-Min 25, M(CLR),FW 2312 12 16.22%
3 Christian Eriksen 26, M(CLR) 3226 10 13.51%
4 Dele Alli 22, M(CL) 2972 9 12.16%
5 Own Goal 4 5.41%
6 Ben Davies 25, D(CL),M(L) 2325 2 2.70%
7 Erik Lamela 26, AM(CLR) 832 2 2.70%
8 Serge Aurier 25, D(CLR),M(R) 1429 2 2.70%
9 Fernando Llorente 33, FW 227 1 1.35%
10 Moussa Sissoko 28, M(CR) 1396 1 1.35%
11 Victor Wanyama 26, DMC 839 1 1.35%

It probably comes as no surprise that Harry Kane tops the scoring charts for Spurs, he may have had the personal disappointment of not securing a third Premier League Golden Boot but at the end of the campaign a contribution of 30 goals is not one to be sniffed at. Especially when you take into account the fact it is still an increase on his tally from last season.

So much for being a one season wonder and all that – I think after such an impressive goal haul we can finally put those kind of comments to bed, not only that but had he not got injured against Bournemouth then it could have been a hat-trick of goal scoring accolades. To be fair that is all conjecture though, but one thing that is not in doubt is the England international’s contribution to the club this season.

Kane chipped in with 40% of all the goals that Spurs scored in the Premier League last season, this works out at two of every five goals coming from the 24 year old. Pep Guardiola said earlier in the campaign that Tottenham were the ‘Harry Kane’ team although looking at the numbers above perhaps that does not actually ring true.

That is because when you look at the supporting trio of Heung min-Son, Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli their contributions added together actually beat Kane by one goal. Now you are probably going to say that is not the fairest of comparisons due to it being three players against one and to be fair you are probably right.

However it does at least show that these three players chipped in when it matters, none more so then when Kane was out injured for the remainder of the Bournemouth game at the Vitality Stadium and the win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

This trio played in a much more fluid setup without Kane and it is one that paid dividends as they made light work of both the opposition that Eddie Howe and Antonio Conte put before them, you could even argue that they played a lot better without Kane – although at the same time you are never going to advocate not starting a talisman of that precocious talent.

A surprising name in at number five as “Own Goal” chipped in with 4 goals, Spurs were actually the team that profited the most from other clubs defensive misfortunes in the season just passed – never look a gift horse in the mouth especially if he is going to put through his own net.

Erik Lamela would probably look at the 2017/18 campaign as one of frustration although it did at least end on a happier note after he bagged a final day brace against Leicester, one that puts him joint with full backs Ben Davies and Serge Aurier on two goals for the season.

While a trio of players chipped in with just the one goal last season, those being Fernando Llorente, Moussa Sissoko and saving the best until last Victor Wanyama after his sensational strike against Liverpool at Anfield, one that former would have been the goal of the season for Spurs fans.

It remains to be seen whether both Fernando Llorente and Moussa Sissoko will still be at the club once the transfer window has closed for the Summer, on the evidence of their contributions last season you would have to say it looks incredibly unlikely.

That’s a breakdown of who scored the goals but who was the most efficient in finding the net for Spurs

Player Mins Goals Min Rate
Harry Kane 24, AM(C),FW 3083 30 103
Son Heung-Min 25, M(CLR),FW 2312 12 193
Fernando Llorente 33, FW 227 1 227
Christian Eriksen 26, M(CLR) 3226 10 323
Dele Alli 22, M(CL) 2972 9 330
Erik Lamela 26, AM(CLR) 832 2 416
Serge Aurier 25, D(CLR),M(R) 1429 2 715
Victor Wanyama 26, DMC 839 1 839
Ben Davies 25, D(CL),M(L) 2325 2 1163
Moussa Sissoko 28, M(CR) 1396 1 1396
Own Goal 4 n/a

Again as expected Harry Kane was no slouch in front of goal, he found the net in the Premier League last season once every 103 minutes – just slightly more than a goal a game. Heung min-Son was next in the list and the South Korean did not muck about either as he needed 193 minutes per goal, equating to just outside a goal every other game.

Fernado Llorente averaged a goal every 227 minutes, the problem here though is that he only scored one goal so in all fairness this is something of a statistical anomaly and should be discredited from any list when we are looking at goals to minutes ratios

There was very little difference between Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen, just seven minutes in fact in the latter’s favour and although the Danish international needed slightly less time in terms of finding the net there was nothing to split these two when it came to assists as they both served up 10 goals each for Spurs last season

For posterity here is the full assist table for Spurs in the 2017/18 campaign:

Player Assists
Christian Eriksen 26, M(CLR) 10
Dele Alli 22, M(CL) 10
Son Heung-Min 25, M(CLR),FW 6
Ben Davies 25, D(CL),M(L) 6
Kieran Trippier 27, D(R),M(R) 5
Harry Kane 24, AM(C),FW 2
Erik Lamela 26, AM(CLR) 2
Serge Aurier 25, D(CLR),M(R) 2
Eric Dier 24, D(CR),DMC 2
Kyle Walker-Peters 21, Defender 2
Moussa Sissoko 28, M(CR) 1
Danny Rose 27, D(L),M(L) 1
Harry Winks 22, DMC 1
Lucas Moura 25, AM(CLR) 1

For me the most interesting thing to take from the assist table is the fact that Ben Davies and Kieran Trippier served up no less than 11 Premier League goals between them – adding more credence that Spurs look to get their full backs as far as the pitch as possible.

Something that is all the more impressive considering Kyle Walker departed in the Summer and Danny Rose has been struggling for fitness all season, that said he did manage to chip in with a solitary assist himself along with Moussa Sissoko, Harry Winks and Lucas Moura.

That concludes my analysis on Spurs and their goal scoring exploits from last season. Thanks for reading


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