We now know the two teams who will take part in the UEFA Under 21 European Championship Final on Friday as Germany will take on Italy. In the previous article I gave a rundown of the data for the first twitter poll but now it is time to take a look at the second.

Here is what Twitter thought would happen last night

As you can see there is almost a 2:1 to split in terms of Spain winning, now you could say that it would produce a scoreline of 2-1 to Spain but that is a bit too rudimentary and it also works on the assumption that there has to be three goals scored in anyone game, which as we know is never the case.

With the scoreline being 3-1 to Spain, firstly twitter got it correct again so well done to the people who voted for Spain and of course all that voted. That means that social media is now 2-0 up in terms of fan polls and you could argue that had Italy not gone down to 10 men then there is every chance the game could have finished 2-1

But at the same time there is too much conjecture because you could also make the statement to say the game could have ended 2-2 for example especially with the score being 1-1 when Italy went down to 10 men. So there is no exact science as to what the scoreline would be in regards to the vote split, there are too many factors involved to nail down especially in a straight 50/50 vote split with no real weighting of voters or anything like that.

What we do know is that there were 47 votes which is our biggest sample to date and of those 47 votes, 32 of them were correct meaning that 15 were in correct. If we add that to the correct amount of votes in the England vs Germany poll then it means that 55 out of the 92 total votes were correct which is 59.7% of all votes.

Another thing we have to also consider here is the fact that Spain were the favourites to win and there would be an element of favourite bias here, at the same time Spain are tipped to win the competition outright therefore it would be deemed a smart move to tip them to win last night.

So after two polls we can conclude that twitter is switched on but it also likes the favourite, will the trend continue in the game between Portugal and Chile we will find out tomorrow.

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