Tonight sees the final of the UEFA Under 21 European Championship as Spain go head to head with Germany, we’ve already learned this week that twitter currently has a 75% success rate in terms of predicting the winner in head to head fixtures so let’s see if they can add to that tally tonight.

First let’s see what social media reckons will happen later on this evening

As you can see they have gone with a Spain win by a ratio of 2:1 with a voting sample of 45 people (second joint highest sample – the average sample size is 42, meaning this is just above average) now considering this is the second time that both teams have been in a poll in the past week we also now have some comparative data in terms of vote splits.

Both teams were also polled in their semi final matches. Spain took on Italy, while Germany went head to head with long time foes England. Let’s now take a look at the comparisons in vote splits between the two countries

Spain Under 21
vs Italy 68%
vs Germany 64%

Germany Under 21
vs England 51%
vs Spain 36%

As you can see there is little difference in the percentage split in regards to Spain as both time they have been the most popular choice. But for Germany there is a different story, in the game against England they were slight favourites although this could have been skewed by a national basis towards England.

Ultimately they still came out on top in terms of votes, but this time around they are having to play the role of underdogs when going up against Spain with 15% less votes in comparison to Tuesday.

Now let’s compare this to the bookmakers odds – first we will look at to win the game in 90 mins while excluding the draw odds

Spain 10/11
Germany 3/1

So here Skybet have Spain as odds on favourites to win, if we look at the odds to win the trophy then they are even more in Spain’s favour

Spain 1/2
Germany 13/8

Again the polls have gone with the bookmakers choice, out of all 5 polls that have been carried out each time the team with the most votes has been the one hotly tipped by Skybet. So it is very interesting that this run continues, is there once again favourite bias coming into play or can it just be deemed as a wise choice.

We will find out the answer to that in a few hours time

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