The last of my five articles this week in my round up for all things shot efficiency takes us to Italy as I analyse all the data from Serie A. There are a whole host of other articles available on this topic from all the other major leagues should you wish to compare and contrast the data. The Milan based teams did not fare well last weekend, will they do any better this time around?

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Here is the Serie A table after 13 weeks while also working out the amount of total shots taken (Not all teams have played 13 matches)

R Team Shots pg Games Played Total Shots
1 Napoli 19.1 13 248
2 Inter 15.1 13 196
3 Juventus 16.6 13 216
4 Roma 16.7 12 200
5 Lazio 13.4 12 161
6 Sampdoria 12.3 12 148
7 AC Milan 16.3 13 212
8 Torino 12.4 13 161
9 Chievo 12.7 13 165
10 Fiorentina 16.5 13 215
11 Bologna 10.3 13 134
12 Atalanta 13.5 13 176
13 Cagliari 12.5 13 163
14 Udinese 11.5 12 138
15 Crotone 9.9 13 129
16 Sassuolo 12.8 13 166
17 SPAL 9.7 13 126
18 Genoa 11.5 13 150
19 Verona 11.8 13 153
20 Benevento 12.4 13 161

And here are the twenty Serie A teams when ranked in order of shot efficiency

Team GF Total Shots Shot Efficency
Lazio 32 161 5.0
Sampdoria 27 148 5.5
Juventus 37 216 5.8
Napoli 34 248 7.3
Udinese 18 138 7.7
Inter 25 196 7.9
Roma 23 200 8.7
Torino 18 161 9.0
Atalanta 19 176 9.2
Bologna 14 134 9.6
Fiorentina 22 215 9.8
Chievo 15 165 11.0
AC Milan 19 212 11.2
SPAL 11 126 11.5
Crotone 11 129 11.7
Cagliari 12 163 13.5
Genoa 11 150 13.6
Verona 10 153 15.3
Sassuolo 8 166 20.8
Benevento 6 161 26.9

Let’s now take a look and see just how this looks in graph form

Serie A

Once again it is Lazio who have secured top spot in the Serie A shot efficiency rankings not only that but they also have lowered their ratio down to 5 shots per goal. They are the third highest scorers in the division at the moment and are wasting very little.

Juventus have slipped to third after being second last weekend, again they seem to be victims of the producing lots but not quite scoring at the same high rate, they are Serie A’s most creative team with 216 efforts this season, to get to the same ratio as Lazio they would need to have scored 43 goals this season – six more than their tally of 37.

Napoli find themselves fourth in this list, even though they are top of Serie A. If Juventus are being punished for use of a better term by creating too much then it is certainly the case with them. They have created 248 chances this season, to get to Lazio’s ratio they would need to score 50 goals this season – sixteen more than their tally of 34.

Let’s now take a look at the table if it were decided on shots created

Team Total Shots
Napoli 248
Juventus 216
Fiorentina 215
AC Milan 212
Roma 200
Inter 196
Atalanta 176
Sassuolo 166
Chievo 165
Cagliari 163
Torino 161
Benevento 161
Lazio 161
Verona 153
Genoa 150
Sampdoria 148
Udinese 138
Bologna 134
Crotone 129
SPAL 126

As you can see Napoli are by far and beyond the most creative team in Serie A while Juventus are one position better off than their current league placing. That means that Inter are creating less but must be doing something right defensively as they are only the sixth most creative team in Italy right now.

This is in keeping with their shot efficiency ranking that sees them sit in sixth but their crosstown rivals A.C. Milan are only the 13th most ruthless team in Italy as things stand, for all their big money outlays over the Summer it has failed to see them shoot up the league table.

While Benevento who have lost all of their league matches this season are unsurprisingly bottom of this table requiring 26.9 efforts before scoring, however that is by no means the worst of the teams at the foot of each respective league, it may even be the best (would need to go back and check to confirm)

Let’s see how the clubs fare when we compare their league placing and their shot efficiency ranking

We just highlighted the two Milan sides and they are actually the big losers here with Inter four places worse off than their league placing (2nd to 8th) and A.C. faring no better as they are six places worse off (7th to 13th), also in the negative section are Napoli and Roma who both are three places worse off than their 1st and 4th places in Serie A.

Udinese though are over performing in terms of shots vs goals as they are an impressive nine places better off that their current league standing while both Lazio and Sampdoria have made marked improvements then their current 5th and 6th places would suggest.

In terms of the split between the three parameters there is quite an even split now after it being more positive the week previous.

8 Positive
4 Neutral
8 Negative

I did promise that I would do a chart on week to week variance but unfortunately time has got away from me this time around, I will certainly look to implement this next week and going forward also.If there are any charts you want me to look into then please mention so in the comments below, I’m always open to ideas.

The next step will be to put all the data of the 98 teams into the Europe wide rankings to see just who is the most efficient team across the continent. Not only that but we can look into taking the top 32 teams and making a dummy Champions League. Again it’s all about ideas here


I hope this was of interest to you and if you have any football data work available then please contact me at as I am always looking to undertake additional projects to the ones I already have. Thanks, Dan.