Sergio Ramos has been sent off a staggering 23 times in his Real Madrid career which is now in it’s 13th seasons, that is an incredible amount for a player who is something of a club idol at the Bernabeu. For as good as he can be in defence he does have something of a temper.

But has that temper mellowed with old age or is he is actually getting angrier as he career winds down. The best way to check is to see exactly how many red cards he has had per season.

Season Red Cards
2005/06 4
2006/07 1
2007/08 3
2008/09 1
2009/10 1
2010/11 2
2011/12 2
2012/13 2
2013/14 3
2014/15 0
2015/16 2
2016/17 1
2017/18 1

Of those 23 red cards which he has received the most he ever has ever received in one season is four. Interestingly enough thought that came in his first season at the club. It seems as if his hot headed nature was at its most prevalent at the start of this lengthy stint with Los Blancos.

The only times he has come close to that was in the 2007/08 and 2013/14 campaigns when he received three red cards in each of those seasons.

If we were to split the red cards in two halves of his career – ignoring last weeks sending off against Deportivo would give us 22 early baths. Therefore there would be 6 seasons each in both segments of his career.

Therefore in his first six seasons there were 12 early trips to the showers and in the last six seasons there were 10, so his discipline was slightly worse in the stint between 2005/06 and 2010/11.

54.5% of his sendings off have been received in that time frame with 45.5% being received between 2011/12 and 2016/17.

There was one season in which he was not sent off at all, that seems like an anomaly with an unblemished record taking place in 2014/15

This also means that after 13 seasons that he has started for the club, he is being sent off 1.76 times a season, he has already seen red in the opening week of the new La Liga campaign so statistically he is due another between now and the end of the May.

So in conclusion the behaviour of Sergio Ramos on the pitch has improved over the years but only very slightly

That completes the breakdown of Sergio Ramos’ Real Madrid red cards, I hope you enjoyed reading it


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