Across the past week or so I’ve been collecting data across all five of the major leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) in terms of shot efficiency and I have been able to then bring you so interesting analysis off the back of that to show which teams are the most ruthless across the continent.

Each league has told a differing story and it is one that should unravel over the next few weeks and months as we look to see how much movement there will be in each of the respective leagues, not only that though but we can now look at just who is the most ruthless team in Europe.

What I’ve done is taken all the data from the 98 teams across the five leagues and put them in a very long league table, I won’t post the whole table now as it would not be very user friendly (although if people want to see it then I can do in another article) but what I can do is give you the top 20 teams in terms of shot efficiency.

Once again thanks to for all the necessary data.

So here are the top 20 ruthless teams across the five major European leagues

Team GF Total Shots Shot Efficency
Paris Saint Germain 39 186 4.8
Valencia 30 143 4.8
Manchester City 38 194 5.1
Monaco 34 173 5.1
Lyon 32 173 5.4
Lazio 27 149 5.5
Barcelona 30 169 5.6
Real Betis 21 123 5.9
Hertha Berlin 14 85 6.1
Real Sociedad 24 160 6.6
Celta Vigo 22 145 6.6
Borussia Dortmund 28 189 6.8
Manchester United 23 157 6.8
Juventus 28 198 7.1
Leicester 16 114 7.2
Bayer Leverkusen 23 167 7.3
Marseille 26 197 7.6
Villarreal 18 138 7.6
Watford 17 131 7.7
Bayern Munich 27 210 7.8

(Note Hoffenheim and Atletico Madrid miss out on the rankings by virtue of a tiebreaker with Bayern Munich – the tiebreaker has also been applied across the table. Where two teams have the same efficiency rating the team with the most shots on goal ranks higher, I’m more than happy to contest this but will run with this for the time being)

Let’s now show this off in graph form instead so that we can get a better look at the results


There you have it after our first week of analysis it is PSG that just edge ahead of Valencia by virtue of the fact that they have more shots on goal (perhaps next week a fairer tiebreaker may be goals scored, the only issue here though is the differing amount of games played might distort the results) while Manchester City sit third.

In terms of the 20 teams that make up the list there are the obvious names that you would expect but then there also such teams as Hertha Berlin in the list and even to a certain degree you could argue what Leicester and Watford are doing among Europe’s elite.

In the case of Hertha as we mentioned in the Bundesliga piece they are hardly creating any chances but what they do create they don’t waste so they may be efficient but they are still goal shy to a large degree while Leicester and Watford score a lot but the are incredibly pourous at the back.

Let’s have a look of the make up of the 20 teams in the list in terms of division

Bundesliga 4
La Liga 6
Ligue 1 4
Premier League 4
Serie A 2

La Liga has the highest representation here at 40% of the list, a point you could make here is that maybe La Liga defences are the weakest of the five leagues – that may well be another angle to look at going forward especially if we look at the meanest defences as well.

With this being the first of the ruthless measurements it really is a case of just looking at the data that is in front of us, we can make some conclusions but as always those conclusion will be better fulfilled when we have some charts to compare and contrast which will start in part 2.

The evolution of this will be looking at which teams leave and enter the ‘ruthless power ranking’ for use of a better term and there we can see who is making an impact across Europe from week to week. Not only that but with this data I can also look at who are 20 the least efficient teams, that article will follow in due course along with some additional ideas that I’ve had, all will be revealed as we go along.


I hope this was of interest to you and if you have any football data work available then please contact me at as I am always looking to undertake additional projects to the ones I already have. Thanks, Dan.