Time for a quick snapshot of some Premier League data as I delve into each of the 20 Premier League teams current goal averages. I’ve already looked at shot efficiency over the past few weeks, with the latest findings showing us that Manchester City top both the table in terms of points and also in terms of shots vs goals.

But now we can not only look at averages but also the correlation between that and a team’s placing in the Premier League. As always thanks to whoscored.com for all the necessary data.

Firstly here are the 20 Premier League teams ranked in order of goal averages

Team P GF Average
Manchester City 13 42 3.2
Manchester United 13 28 2.2
Liverpool 13 25 1.9
Chelsea 13 24 1.8
Arsenal 13 23 1.8
Watford 13 22 1.7
Tottenham 13 21 1.6
Leicester 13 17 1.3
Stoke 13 16 1.2
Brighton 13 13 1.0
Everton 13 13 1.0
Southampton 13 13 1.0
Burnley 13 12 0.9
West Ham 13 12 0.9
Bournemouth 13 11 0.8
Newcastle United 13 11 0.8
West Bromwich Albion 13 10 0.8
Huddersfield 13 9 0.7
Crystal Palace 13 8 0.6
Swansea 13 7 0.5

Now obviously because all of the teams have played the same amount of games they are going to be ranked in order of goals scored, this could well change once teams have games in hand later in the season but as it stands it is just a simple ranking from top to bottom.

But next up we can compare this to the clubs league placing

LR Team P GF Average
1 Manchester City 13 42 3.2
2 Manchester United 13 28 2.2
5 Liverpool 13 25 1.9
3 Chelsea 13 24 1.8
6 Arsenal 13 23 1.8
8 Watford 13 22 1.7
4 Tottenham 13 21 1.6
11 Leicester 13 17 1.3
15 Stoke 13 16 1.2
9 Brighton 13 13 1.0
16 Everton 13 13 1.0
14 Southampton 13 13 1.0
7 Burnley 13 12 0.9
18 West Ham 13 12 0.9
12 Bournemouth 13 11 0.8
13 Newcastle United 13 11 0.8
17 West Bromwich Albion 13 10 0.8
10 Huddersfield 13 9 0.7
20 Crystal Palace 13 8 0.6
19 Swansea 13 7 0.5

Here the clubs are still ranked in order of goal averages but the LR ranking denotes their league placing, you’ll be able to see that the numbers do not run in a clean order of 1 to 20 and that means there are definitely some changes between the two metrics and I’ll be able to highlight these in this graph below.


As you can see Stoke have the biggest shift from their league placing of 15th to them having the 9th best goal average in the division. They have scored the second highest amount of goals out of all the teams in the bottom half of the table with Leicester who have scored the most goals out of the teams placed 11th to 20th currently three places better off due to the fact that they have the 8th best goal average.

If the Premier League was decided on just goals then Stoke and Leicester would both be in the top half of the table right now. Everton are having a bad time of it at the bottom of the table but they are at least seeing some positive here with the 12th best goal average.

However any team in the lower reaches of the table that has such a better goal average than it’s league placing is obviously getting let down by it’s defence, this was a conclusion that I made in the latest Premier League Shot Efficiency article and I think this enforces the point even further.

Tottenham, Southampton and Burnley are feeling the pinch of being three places worse off than their current league placing would suggest. I think Spurs will feel the impact more because they are fourth in the table and seventh in this ranking. The relative lack of goals could well be the difference between Champions League and Europa League football next season.

While Huddersfield are miles apart from their league standing, 10th in the league but only the 18th best goal average at present. You do have to wonder whether or not this lack of goals will finally catch up with up them come the end of the season.

That concludes this overview on goal averages in the Premier League, I will return to this as the season progresses and to be honest there’s no reason why I cannot expand this across all the other leagues that I am taking a closer look at, so again please keep an eye out for those. Thanks for reading.

I hope this was of interest to you and if you have any football data work available then please contact me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com as I am always looking to undertake additional projects to the ones I already have. Thanks, Dan.