After launching the new project of shot efficiency last weekend it is now time to add in all data from Week 11 and see what change it has had on just how ruthless teams are in front of goal, for a point of reference you can take a look at Week 10 to compare and contrast

Once again thanks to for all the necessary data.

Here is the Premier League league table after 11 weeks while also working out the amount of total shots taken

R Team Shots pg Games Played Total Shots
1 Manchester City 17.6 11 194
2 Manchester United 14.3 11 157
3 Tottenham 17.4 11 191
4 Chelsea 13.7 11 151
5 Arsenal 16.7 11 184
6 Liverpool 18.1 11 199
7 Burnley 9.5 11 105
8 Leicester 10.4 11 114
9 Brighton 8.6 11 95
10 Newcastle United 13.2 11 145
11 Watford 11.9 11 131
12 Southampton 14.3 11 157
13 Huddersfield 8.4 11 92
14 Stoke 11.1 11 122
15 Swansea 8 11 88
16 West Bromwich Albion 8.7 11 96
17 Bournemouth 9.8 11 108
18 West Ham 10.5 11 116
19 Everton 11.4 11 125
20 Crystal Palace 12.5 11 138

Now let’s take a look at how the ranking differs when we look at shot efficiency

Team GF Total Shots Shot Efficency
Manchester City 38 193.6 5.1
Manchester United 23 157.3 6.8
Leicester 16 114.4 7.2
Watford 17 130.9 7.7
Chelsea 19 150.7 7.9
Brighton 11 94.6 8.6
Arsenal 20 183.7 9.2
Stoke 13 122.1 9.4
Liverpool 21 199.1 9.5
Tottenham 20 191.4 9.6
Burnley 10 104.5 10.5
West Ham 11 115.5 10.5
West Bromwich Albion 9 95.7 10.6
Huddersfield 8 92.4 11.6
Everton 10 125.4 12.5
Swansea 7 88 12.6
Newcastle United 10 145.2 14.5
Bournemouth 7 107.8 15.4
Southampton 9 157.3 17.5
Crystal Palace 4 137.5 34.4

But let’s cut out all the noise so to speak and show it in a pure graph format, ranking the 20 Premier League clubs from smallest to largest.


As you can see there is no change in the top two clubs with Manchester showing how ruthless it has been this season, City top the charts with an average of just 5.1 chances required before scoring while United sit on their coat tails with just 6.8 chances required.

Leicester stay third with their shot efficiency rating dropping to 7.2 from 7.1 a week before while Watford and Chelsea have changed places to wrap up the top five. There was nothing to split Arsenal and Tottenham last week but the Gunners creep ahead before the North London Derby next weekend.

Liverpool’s shot efficiency has improved as they now just need 9.5 chances for scoring while the same can be said for their Merseyside neighbours Everton who after putting three past Watford need just 12.5 attempts before breaching the opposition’s net.

Spare a though for Crystal Palace though who now need even more efforts to find their net after their blank at Wembley, a staggering 34.4, that is more than double than Bournemouth who are 19th in the ranking. Swansea are interesting in comparison to Bournemouth as they only need 12.6 shots to score but like Bournemouth they have only scored 7 goals this season, indicating that they are also creating less chances too.

In my La Liga round up of Week 10, I also created a variance graph between efficiency ranking and league placing and that is exactly what I will do for the Premier League.


As in the La Liga Week 10 chart, the concept is the same. If the variance is 0 then it means the efficiency ranking and the league placing are the same so it perhaps comes as no surprise that Manchester City and Crystal Palace who sit at both ends of the table sit at 0.

So if we look to the left hand side we see all the teams who are more efficient in terms of shots on goal then their league placing would suggest, there are seven in all and the big winners are Leicester who rank nine places higher than the current league standing.

If we look at the teams to the right hand side we will see that these are the clubs that are the most wasteful in front of goal in terms of the chances they create. So it may well come as some surprise that Tottenham have the largest disparity between where they currently stand in the Premier League and where they rank in terms of effficiency.

Southampton are another case of a team that is creating but not scoring especially when you look at the fact that they are 13th in the Premier League at present and 19th in the rankings, while Liverpool are 5th in the table and only ranked 9th.

So once again some interesting findings and what I will do next week is add a third graph showing the changes week on week in the efficiency rankings so we can really look at the movers and shakers after the action of week 12.


I hope this was of interest to you and if you have any football data work available then please contact me at as I am always looking to undertake additional projects to the ones I already have. Thanks, Dan.