Time to once again discuss all things shot efficiency as we return to the Premier League for the third article in this particular series, with each week that passes we will have more and more data and ultimately that will allow us to build even more correlations and conclusions as the season progresses.

You can take at the previous week’s data to compare and contrast but going forward I shall be adding in some charts to track the ongoing process and with that in mind let’s take a look at the data after Week 12 of the Premier League season.

Once again thanks to whoscored.com for all the necessary data.

Here is the Premier League league table after 12 weeks while also working out the amount of total shots taken

R Team Shots pg Games Played Total Shots
1 Manchester City 17.2 12 206
2 Manchester United 14.4 12 173
3 Chelsea 13.5 12 162
4 Tottenham 17.1 12 205
5 Liverpool 18.3 12 220
6 Arsenal 16.5 12 198
7 Burnley 10.1 12 121
8 Watford 12.3 12 148
9 Brighton 8.7 12 104
10 Huddersfield 9.3 12 112
11 Newcastle United 13.1 12 157
12 Leicester 9.7 12 116
13 Bournemouth 9.8 12 118
14 Southampton 13.5 12 162
15 Stoke 11.3 12 136
16 Everton 11.1 12 133
17 West Bromwich Albion 8.6 12 103
18 West Ham 10.5 12 126
19 Swansea 8.5 12 102
20 Crystal Palace 12.8 12 154

Now let’s see how that table differs when we ranked the 20 clubs in terms of shot efficiency

Team GF Total Shots Shot Efficency
Manchester City 40 206 5.2
Manchester United 27 173 6.4
Chelsea 23 162 7.0
Leicester 16 116 7.3
Watford 19 148 7.8
Brighton 13 104 8.0
Arsenal 22 198 9.0
Stoke 15 136 9.0
Liverpool 24 220 9.2
Burnley 12 121 10.1
Tottenham 20 205 10.3
Bournemouth 11 118 10.7
Everton 12 133 11.1
West Ham 11 126 11.5
West Bromwich Albion 9 103 11.5
Huddersfield 8 112 14.0
Newcastle United 11 157 14.3
Swansea 7 102 14.6
Southampton 9 162 18.0
Crystal Palace 6 154 25.6

Let’s see what does in terms of showing the data in graph form


As you can see Manchester City once again top the list with their efficiency rating going out to 5.1 from 5.2 but they are still more than a shot clear than that of their nearest and crosstown rivals Manchester United who are currently on an average of 6.4 shots per goal.

Chelsea have moved into the top three which means we have the scenario where the the top three in the Premier League are also the top three in this chart while Leicester once again seem to be over performing requiring just seven shots per goal.

What is also interesting is if we rank the 20 clubs in order of shots this season

Team GF Total Shots
Liverpool 24 220
Manchester City 40 206
Tottenham 20 205
Arsenal 22 198
Manchester United 27 173
Chelsea 23 162
Southampton 9 162
Newcastle United 11 157
Crystal Palace 6 154
Watford 19 148
Stoke 15 136
Everton 12 133
West Ham 11 126
Burnley 12 121
Bournemouth 11 118
Leicester 16 116
Huddersfield 8 112
Brighton 13 104
West Bromwich Albion 9 103
Swansea 7 102

It is actually Liverpool that have had the most shots in the Premier League this season but they are only the ninth most efficient team in the division. Jurgen Klopp’s men actually require an average of 9.2 shots per goal something that sees them sit ninth in the table. So for all their attacking endeavour they could however be a far more ruthless.

Then same could also be said for Tottenham who have the third most shots in the Premier League, just one less than Manchester City but what is the most startling fact is that they have scored fifty percent less goals than that of the league leaders. This sees them become just the 11th most efficient team in the division.

At least Crystal Palace’s plight has improved slightly they may still be bottom of the table both on the pitch and in terms of shot efficiency but at least their shots to goal ratio has moved to a slightly more respectable 25.6 efforts before breaching the opposition’s net.

Now let’s take a look take a look at the variance graph between league placing and shot efficiency


As you can see it is once again Leicester who top the charts in terms of variance. They may be 12th in the league but they are the fourth most efficient team in the league so they are over performing in front of goal but it is also fair to say that their defence is massively letting them down.

Stoke are the second highest team in terms of variance as they sit 15th in the Premier League but just 8th in this particular ranking. This can be explained by the fact that Leicester and Stoke are the two teams that have scored the most goals out of all the teams in the bottom half of the table.

Spare a thought for Tottenham though as they have the biggest disparity between their league placing and shot efficiency ranking. They currently are 4th in the table but are only the 11th most efficient team in the division therefore there is still a hint of under performance here.

Let’s take a look at the make up of the three parameters

9 Positive
4 Neutral
7 Negative

It’s interesting that three of the top six and even by extension four of the top seven have a negative variance, maybe that can be argued by the fact the bigger clubs create more while Burnley are still something of an anomaly this season they continue to defy the pundits.

I’ve also now added a graph where we can track the movement week on week so let’s see who the biggest movers and shakers are in Week 12


There is no doubting who the biggest winners where last week, that of course being Bournemouth who thanks to their 4-0 win over Huddersfield they moved from 18th to 12th in the efficiency ranking while bringing their shots to goal ratio down to just 10.7

While Chelsea and Everton also profited this week with a rise of two places up the table. The only other team to move up the ladder this week was Sean Dyche’s Burnley. Again not a good week for Tottenham as after their North London derby defeat they slipped down a further spot.

I think that just about concludes Week 12, other ideas for charts going forward will be the difference in shot efficiency week on week to see just how much it has moved in either direction and we can also look at the variance between shot efficiency and the ranking in terms of shots per club. That is something to think about going forward. I told you this would get longer and longer as the weeks progress!


I hope this was of interest to you and if you have any football data work available then please contact me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com as I am always looking to undertake additional projects to the ones I already have. Thanks, Dan.