After launching my series of twitter polls with the European Under 21 Championship Semi Finals yesterday it is now time to move to the FIFA Confederations Cup, it seems as if Twitter knows their stuff after the first two polls that were carried out the predictions were correct. Can that become three out of three this evening.

The predictions are just over a 2:1 ratio this time around in favour of Portugal, although this is the smallest sample size of voters that we have had so far with 39 votes – meaning the average sample size per poll is 44. Once we have run say 10 polls we will have a greater idea of just how big a sample size we will be working with.

Another thing to note is whether or not the bookmakers favourite’s have been picked as the most popular choice, as in the two polls that were carried out yesterday the team with the shortest price have the most votes

The bookmakers odds are as follows (ignoring the draw – although we could also the variable to win outright)

Portugal 7/5
Chile 11/5

So there is not a great deal in it in all fairness and the odds seem closer than the votes

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter and join in with the polls, I’ll offer up some analysis tomorrow as to the outcome and we can see if this streak of correct picks from Twitter will continue. Until tomorrow then

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