Time for another visit to Italy now and apologies that I’m a week behind the Premier League midweek fixtures while giving me a whole host of content to write about both here and on my other website Real Football Man has knocked me out of schedule slightly. But once again we focus on all things shot efficiency and this time it time to look at how clubs such as Napoli and Juventus are faring in front of goal this season.

Note this data is before the weekend fixtures have taken place, If you would like to get up to speed then last’s week article is available

Once again thanks to whoscored.com for all the necessary data.

Here is the Serie A table after 14 weeks while also working out the amount of total shots taken (Not all teams have played 14 matches)

Team Shots pg Games Played Total Shots
Napoli 18.4 14 258
Inter 14.7 14 206
Juventus 17.2 14 241
Roma 16.5 13 215
Lazio 13.4 13 174
Sampdoria 13 13 169
AC Milan 16.4 14 230
Chievo 12.8 14 179
Bologna 10.4 14 146
Atalanta 13.5 14 189
Torino 12.1 14 169
Fiorentina 16.5 14 231
Cagliari 12.6 14 176
Udinese 11.4 13 148
Crotone 9.5 14 133
Sassuolo 13.5 14 189
SPAL 10 14 140
Genoa 11.4 14 160
Verona 11.7 14 164
Benevento 11.9 14 167

Now here is the 20 Serie A teams ranked in order of shot efficiency after Week 14 of the season

Team GF Total Shots Shot Efficency
Lazio 33 174 5.3
Juventus 40 241 6.0
Sampdoria 27 169 6.3
Inter 28 206 7.4
Napoli 35 258 7.4
Udinese 18 148 8.2
Bologna 17 146 8.6
Roma 24 215 8.9
Torino 18 169 9.4
Atalanta 20 189 9.5
Fiorentina 23 231 10.0
Chievo 17 179 10.5
SPAL 12 140 11.7
AC Milan 19 230 12.1
Crotone 11 133 12.1
Genoa 12 160 13.3
Cagliari 13 176 13.6
Verona 12 164 13.7
Sassuolo 8 189 23.6
Benevento 6 167 27.8

Let’s now take a look at what that looks like in graph form


As you can see it is once again Lazio who are the most efficient team in front of goal in Serie A as they require just 5.3 shots before scoring while Juventus and Sampdoria have swapped places since last week as they switch 2nd and 3rd positions.

Juventus the champions of Serie A for the past six season require just six shots per goal but although they have moved into second place their shot efficiency ranking has actually edged out slightly after being just 5.8 shots per goal after week 13 of the season.

League leaders Napoli are now joint 4th with Inter Milan in this particular chart, what is interesting here is that the top two teams in the division require the same amount of shots per goal but Napoli have had 54 more efforts this season, this is obviously reflected in the amount of goals that they have scored in comparison to Inter.

Spare a thought for AC Milan though who require a not so healthy 12 shots per goal, that is a similar situation to that of Tottenham this season, but in comparison the Italian outfit have not scored as many goals and are not quite creating as many chances in front of goal.

Spare a thought for Benevento though who are yet to get a point in Serie A this season in what has been a retched season for them, no points to their name and they need 27.8 shots before scoring a goal, can they ever turn the corner?

However life is not all that much better for Sassuolo who require 23.6 shots before managing to breach the opposition’s net. They are the 16th placed team in Serie A but the second least efficient team in the division after 14 weeks of the season.

Let’s now take a look at the efficiency ranking changes between Week 14 and Week 13


As you can see there were very few teams whose efficiency rating improved from Week 13 to 14. Just five teams (25% of Serie A in fact) with Verona having the biggest movement but we have seen this before where teams with such a high efficiency ranking have more scope to then chip away at figure and bring it down accordingly.

The top four teams in terms of efficiency also saw their rating increased by an average of 0.45 shots while Napoli who are actually in joint fourth actually saw a very small improvement. AC Milan however added nearly another shot to their tally in the space of a week.

Let’s see what Serie A would look like if we ranked purely on shots after Week 14

Team Total Shots
Napoli 258
Juventus 241
Fiorentina 231
AC Milan 230
Roma 215
Inter 206
Atalanta 189
Sassuolo 189
Chievo 179
Cagliari 176
Lazio 174
Torino 169
Sampdoria 169
Benevento 167
Verona 164
Genoa 160
Udinese 148
Bologna 146
SPAL 140
Crotone 133

Napoil who are joint fourth in terms of efficiency and top of Serie A are also the team which has created the most chances at this point of the campaign, they are 17 chances clear of Juventus who are ranked second in both the shot efficiency and shot creation charts.

Again the two Milan teams have contrasting fortunes, AC Milan are actually the fourth most creative team in Serie A this season but also are just the 10th highest goalscorers in the division while Inter Milan are second in Serie A but are only the sixth most creative team at present – not only that but they have scored the fourth highest amount of goals.

But look at Benevento after their failure to get a point you would expect them to struggle to create in front of goal, however they are actually 14th in the charts when it comes to creating chances but they are let down by the fact that they are the lowest scorers in Italy with just six goals to their name.

Let’s see how the clubs fare when we compare their league placing and their shot efficiency ranking


Again it is Udinese that have the biggest disparity between their league placing and their ranking in terms of shot efficiency. Last week they were nine places better off while this time around they are eight, that said that it is still a pretty seismic shift.

They are 14th in Serie A but the 6th most efficient team in the league after 14 weeks of the season, they are also the joint 11th highest league goalscorers with Torino. Another team that has profited in terms of variance over league position with a two place improvement.

Serie A seems to be a lot more volatile compared to the other leagues in Europe, if we take a look at the three parameters they are split as such

10 Positive
3 Neutral
7 Negative

Fifty percent of the teams have a better variance while only three teams are unchanged, Benevento is unsurpisingly one of those outfits with Atalanta and Crotone the other two teams to match their performance in both the league table versus shot efficiency.

While AC Milan are once again the team most worse off in relation to their league position, seven places worse off to be exact. You could make a case in saying that they are the biggest underperformers in all of the major leagues in Europe – which gives me an idea for another article.

With Napoli joint fourth you could argue that their negative figure should really read 3.5 but we will have to use some artistic license or perhaps use a better tiebreaker going forward.

For the first time in Italy we can now also look at how the rank in variance has differed from week to week


I’ve presented the graph in a different fashion this week as I think it’s better to rank the teams in their current efficiency and that way we can see where the changes are than opposed to just putting the winners at one end and the losers at the other end.

Talking of the winners of which there were five, Bologna were the big ones as they moved up three places while Inter technically moved up two although they are joint with Napoli so again that should be 1.5 while their cross town rivals AC Milan slipped even further down the charts.

That concludes Week 14 for Serie A apologies I’m a bit behind I will catch up in midweek so we are all back on track, until then. Next up though I travel to Ligue 1 so keep an eye out for that.


I hope this was of interest to you and if you have any football data work available then please contact me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com as I am always looking to undertake additional projects to the ones I already have. Thanks, Dan.