Manchester United and Real Madrid go head to head in the European Super Cup tonight and that gives me the perfect opportunity to carry out another scientific poll as we once again see if Twitter knows their stuff when it comes to pre-match predictions

A staggering 93 people voted which is by far the highest voting sample I’ve had from the 8 polls that have been carried out, what made this one interesting is that it was more of a snap poll. Admittedly because I forgot that to run it in the morning

But even with the poll length being half the size it gave me nearly double the votes than usual – so perhaps this is something to think about going forward. That being instead of doing a 24 hour poll in the morning then a shorter poll at night may be more beneficial.

As always thanks for all that took part, due to that bumper sample it has taken the average up to 49, so this one was nearly double the average sample size. Hopefully when the Premier League matches start we can start seeing sample’s that go over 100.

In terms of the bookmakers – I always use Sky Bet in this instance and their current live odds are as follows

To win in 90 minutes

Real Madrid 21/20 (1.05/1) so nearly evens
Manchester United 13/5 (2.6/1)

Of course this is not counting the possibility of a draw, so if we also look at the to win outright market the odds as follows

Real Madrid 8/15
Manchester United 6/4

So Real are heavy favourites with the bookies and once again the sample has gone with the favourites in terms of votes. In the 8 polls I have carried out every time the voters have matched what the bookmakers have said.

Although that may be the case they have only got their picks correct 4 out of 7 times, so it shows that you cannot really trust the wisdom of crowds. Will this point be further emphasised later on tonight.

It is nearly a 2:1 ratio in terms of Real Madrid it is not the highest vote split that the polls have seen (that was Germany vs Mexico in the Confederations Cup which was nearly a 4:1 split) but it does show there is a high level of confidence in the Champions League winners


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