I carried out two polls last week one of them was the Community Shield match between Arsenal and Chelsea and the other was the European Super Cup head to head between Manchester United and Real Madrid both the anlaysis for these are incredibly delayed but without further delay I’m going to dive into analysing the second of these polls.

Firstly as always it is time to see how Twitter voted in regards to the outcome of the match

As you can see it was a very clear split in terms of Real Madrid and also it was the biggest ever amount of voters we have had for one game. 93 of you got involved and once again thanks to all that took the time to vote on Tuesday. With this amount of voters it is almost double the amount the average votes

Two factors to take into account here are that it was only a snap poll in the evening which may well be a better to run the polls as their could be more traffic but also the fact that the two teams were very recognisable will no doubt have created a higher voter interest.

With this win it means that Social Media has gone ahead by a scoreline of 5-3 in regards to correct votes, this is a percentage split of

Correct outcomes – 62.5%
Incorrect outcomes – 37.5%

Which when you look at it is not all that far away from the vote split above but in all fairness that will be more a coincidence than anything else.

Like all the other 7 polls before it the voters went with the bookmakers favourite and refused to go against the grain, this may well be a trend that finally comes to an end when I start running polls for the Premier League matches this weekend.

In total there have been 394 votes and of those 217 votes have been correct and 177 have been incorrect – this is a percentage split of

Correct votes – 55.08%
Incorrect votes – 44.92%

So the fact that a large amount of people voted for Real Madrid would have certainly helped this as it was looking a bit of a close call after the incorrect call during the Community Shield. But just about more often that not people on Social Media know what they are talking about.

That concludes this analysis for poll number 8 and I think that will conclude these one off polls for the forseeable future as we hit the league campaigns which when the real fun will start. That said I will probably wrap all of this up some time next week to conclude this first phase of polls once and for all.

Please feel free to follow me on twitter and join in the polls and if this website has bought you there then please do say hello, also if you want to contact me in regards to any football data work that you currently have available then you can email me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com