As you may be aware by now I have been collating the data of the across all five of the major leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) in terms of shot efficiency and I have already revealed at this point of the season which are the top 20 teams in terms of shots vs goals.

But now it is time to flip that story on it’s head and look at the teams that are struggling to find the net this season, this is the list that you do not want to be included in and now I can reveal to you which teams are in the European wall of shame when it comes to scoring goals.

What I’ve done is taken all the data from the 98 teams across the five leagues and put them in a very long league table, I won’t post the whole table now as it would not be very user friendly (although if people want to see it then I can do in another article) but what I can do is give you the bottom 20 teams in terms of shot efficiency.

Once again thanks to for all the necessary data.

So here are the 20 least ruthless teams across the five major European leagues

Team GF Total Shots Shot Efficency
Montpellier 9 138 15.3
Bournemouth 7 108 15.4
Amiens 7 112 15.9
Napoli 14 232 16.5
Lille 9 152 16.9
Southampton 9 157 17.5
Caen 8 152 19.1
SPAL 6 119 19.8
Freiburg 6 119 19.8
Eibar 6 120 20.0
Malaga 6 128 21.3
Alaves 5 113 22.7
Benevento 6 148 24.6
Metz 5 124 24.7
Verona 5 137 27.4
Crystal Palace 4 138 34.4
Genoa 4 140 35.1
Werder Bremen 4 143 35.8
FC Cologne 4 149 37.1
Sassuolo 4 151 37.8

Let’s now take a look at this in graph form as we see who is ranked 79 to 98 in my Euro ranking table


Now where the top 20 had teams that predominately sat at the top of their respective leagues this group of clubs is a lot more varied. What is fascinating is the fact that Napoli sit top of Serie A and are ranked 82nd in terms of shot efficiency.

As noted in my Serie A roundup this can be explained by the fact that they are creating an incredible amount of chances but are not scoring at the same kind of rate so although they are top of the table in Italy there are not a particularly ruthless team.

Crystal Palace may be bottom of the Premier League but they are only 94th out of 98 teams so at least there is something for Roy Hodgson to smile about this week. The fact they have been bad in front of goal this season is one thing but spare a thought for Sassoulo who have been even worse, needing 38 shots before scoring.

Bournemouth and Southampton are the other Premier League representatives in this list, neither team has been effective in front of goal although it is interesting that the two clubs are in different places in this table then in the Premier League. That shows that Southampton are creating more but struggling to find a regular goalscorer this season.

Let’s have a look at the make up of the 20 teams that are in the list in terms of division

Bundesliga 3
La Liga 3
Ligue 1 5
Premier League 3
Serie A 6

And it is one that is populated the most by Italian outfits with 30% of the list involving Serie A clubs. Now whether that harks back to the notion that Serie A is a defensive league is something that could be said but to be honest those days are something of a bygone era.

I think it’s more of a case that there are some pretty poor teams in that division (Napoli notwithstanding) and this is reflected in the fact that this list is so highly populated by Italian clubs. That said Ligue 1 does not come out of this all that well either with a quarter of the teams coming from France.

Now we have both ends of the scale it is time to see how this will differ from week to week, the next step will be to build a chart where we can see if any teams have clawed themselves out of the drop zone as it where, not only that but we could look at such things as average positions but that may be a bit time consuming. I’ll see if this is a time friendly idea.

One thing that I will do is then look to build comparative tables between this metric and the defensive ratios to see what correlation there is between the two metrics. I’ve already calculated the Premier League so I will now get to work on the other four divisions.


I hope this was of interest to you and if you have any football data work available then please contact me at as I am always looking to undertake additional projects to the ones I already have. Thanks, Dan.