After dissecting the data from Week 12 of the Premier League it is now time to do the same as we divert our attention to La Liga once again. Last week it was Valencia who outperformed their league placing by being top of the Spanish shot efficiency charts, can they make it two in a row this time around?

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Here is the La Liga table after 12 weeks while also working out the amount of total shots taken

Team Shots pg Games Played Total Shots
Barcelona 15 12 180
Valencia 12.7 12 152.4
Real Madrid 19.3 12 231.6
Atletico Madrid 11 12 132
Sevilla 11.5 12 138
Villarreal 12 12 144
Real Sociedad 14.5 12 174
Leganes 12.2 12 146.4
Real Betis 10.6 12 127.2
Getafe 11 12 132
Girona 13.7 12 164.4
Levante 10.4 12 124.8
Celta Vigo 13 12 156
Espanyol 11.2 12 134.4
Athletic Bilbao 11.8 12 141.6
Deportivo La Coruna 13.5 12 162
Eibar 11.4 12 136.8
Malaga 11.8 12 141.6
Alaves 10.3 12 123.6
Las Palmas 10.8 12 129.6

And here is how they rank in regards to order of shot efficiency (smallest to largest)

Team GF Total Shots Shot Efficency
Valencia 32 152 4.8
Barcelona 33 180 5.5
Real Betis 21 127 6.1
Celta Vigo 23 156 6.8
Getafe 19 132 6.9
Real Sociedad 25 174 7.0
Villarreal 19 144 7.6
Atletico Madrid 16 132 8.3
Levante 14 125 8.9
Sevilla 14 138 9.9
Real Madrid 22 232 10.5
Deportivo La Coruna 15 162 10.8
Girona 14 164 11.7
Athletic Bilbao 12 142 11.8
Eibar 11 137 12.4
Espanyol 9 134 14.9
Malaga 9 142 15.7
Las Palmas 8 130 16.2
Leganes 9 146 16.3
Alaves 6 124 20.6

That’s the charts but let’s now take a look at how it presents itself in graph form


As you can see it is once again Valencia who are top of the shop in La Liga when it comes to shot efficiency, they and Barcelona have switched places for the second week in a row, there is no movement in the ratio for Valencia which stays at 4.8 but there is a slight improvement for Barcelona who move from 5.6 to 5.5 shots per goal on average.

Like last week the Real Madrid arguably tell the most interesting story as they require more than twice as many shots as Valencia and almost double Barcelona before the they breach the opposition’s net. They have created 80 more chances than Valencia (232 to 152) but have scored 10 less goals (32 to 22).

Their crosstown rivals Atletico Madrid fare slightly better at 8.3 shots per goal, but you must also note that they have scored 50% less goals than that of Valencia this season, with just 16 from their first 12 matches. An average of 1.25 per goals per game.

The fact that the two Madrid sides played out a 1-1 draw last weekend would have done little to boost their efficiency in front of goal as they give up further ground to current league leaders Barcelona in the race to be champions in Spain this season.

Alaves once again bring up the rear but their situation has improved slightly as they need just 20.6 shots to score a goal, this has decreased by 2.1 shots when compared to last week, however they still require more than 4 shots to score than compared to 19th ranked Leganes.

Let’s now take a look at how this chart compares to that of the league table and the variance between the two metrics


As you can see it is Celta Vigo who have profited the most from the shot efficiency as they are nine places better off than that of their current La Liga standing but it is Real Betis who now move into second on the variance list, they have profited six places better than where they are in La Liga (3rd efficient, 9th in league).

This swing can be explained by the fact they have scored 21 goals this season but have only required 127 shots in which to do, an average of just over 6 shots before scoring. When you put that 127 shots against the other teams in the division then that is one of the lowest amount of efforts in the division at present.

Leganes are the big losers once again but their plight has got worse, they are 8th in La Liga but they are only the 19th most efficient team in the chart. That said Real Madrid have very little to shout about either, they are third in the league but only 11th in efficiency.

Both Atletico Madrid and Sevilla are under performing in front of goal as they have big negative swings of minus 4 and minus 5 respectively, they may well be 4th and 5th in the La Liga table but currently only find themselves 8th and 10th in this chart.

If we take a look at the split of the table in terms of the three parameters

11 Positive
9 Negative

For the first time there is no team that has the exact same league placing as their efficiency ranking.

Let’s now take a look at the 20 teams ranked in the amount of shots taken this season

Team Total Shots
Real Madrid 232
Barcelona 180
Real Sociedad 174
Girona 164
Deportivo La Coruna 162
Celta Vigo 156
Valencia 152
Leganes 146
Villarreal 144
Athletic Bilbao 142
Malaga 142
Sevilla 138
Eibar 137
Espanyol 134
Getafe 132
Atletico Madrid 132
Las Palmas 130
Real Betis 127
Levante 125
Alaves 124

As you can see Real Madrid have recorded 52 more shots than any other La Liga side, take into account that Cristiano Ronaldo has only scored one league goal and you can begin to understand just how wasteful in front of goal they have been this season.

While the defending La Liga champions and Champions League winners from 2016 and 2017 have had 85 more shots on goal than that of Real Betis who find themselves as the third most efficient team in the division right now, a perfect example of it’s not what you create but what you do with it.

As promised I’m now going to see what the difference is in efficiency ranking from Week 11 to Week 12 – this graph will rank the biggest movers to the biggest losers


The big winners are Getafe and Eibar who have moved up three places since last week to 5th and 15th respectively while they are one of five teams who have moved up this week. Seven teams stayed put while eight teams record worsened with Leganes becoming the big losers.

Next week I’ll look to implement a chart which shows the difference in terms of shot efficiency from week to week while we can also start to look at it from a shot conversion point of view, whether that is in a separate article series I am yet to decide but the project is certainly getting bigger by the week.

Next up will be articles on Germany, France and Italy – so do keep an eye out for those.


I hope this was of interest to you and if you have any football data work available then please contact me at as I am always looking to undertake additional projects to the ones I already have. Thanks, Dan.