A recent decision by the Supreme Court means that a federal law that previously prevented gambling on a range of sports gave states the option of legalizing sports betting if that is what they wanted. Each state is free now to act on its own and make own decisions.

The state of New Jersey, for example, has been fighting for the legalization of gambling on sports and racetracks for many years now and has spent millions of dollars in the process, so it is hardly surprising that it was very happy about this news.

However, not everyone is happy with the decision. All four of the major US sports leagues urged the court to uphold this law, arguing that if people started betting on the results or actions of the games, it would hurt the integrity of the sport. This was advocated by the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB.

Since this change, a lot has gone on in the world of sports betting in the US, and we discussed the changes that might be happening with our friends from NJ Games

Most important topics we covered were:

  1. Which states have now legalized sports betting and which are still holding off?

  2. What this change means for the US economy as a whole and for individual states?

  3. How this change will affect the employment rate in America?

You’ll find the answer to these questions in the infographic below, but you’ll also get a lot of data and predictions to learn how the sports betting in the US will develop</a>. Still, we’d like to point out to some of the more interesting facts from the infographic:

  • The total economic output due to spending by those taking part in sports betting in the US is expected to total $41.2 billion.

  • Both the NBA and MLB have asked for a 1% fee on the amount that is wagered from sports betting operators in other to help monitor and keep the integrity of the game.

  • In the future, it is likely that blockchain technology will play a major role in the sports betting industry, as it not only allows for easier funding and payouts but will also potentially remove the need for any betting fees.

  • Fans of these sports are projected to bet around $23.5B on e-sports alone by 2020.

if you want to find out more about US sports betting, take a look at the infographic below