Ok so the first of the polls have been carried out with England taking on Germany in the UEFA European Under 21 Championships, now it is time to analyse what happened.

Firstly that’s take a look at the Twitter poll data

As you can see there was as close to an even split as possible without it being 50/50 in terms of votes, now I mentioned when the poll closed that I hope it did not go to penalties…..guess what that is exactly what happened.

So Twitter should give itself a massive pat on the back as you got this one pretty much spot on, one thing you have to take into account here is the fact that there would be some bias towards England due to the fact that the large majority of my followers are English so perhaps this meant that the split in votes was closer than it should be.

But at the same time Germany were arguably the favourites going into the game so the bias of national pride versus the bias of picking the favourites has cancelled itself out and that leaves us in the position that we are in with nearly a clear line down the middle.

That means from the 45 people that voted and of course thanks to the people that did, 23 of those made the correct choice and 22 did not. So that is a start of an interesting metric as we’ll go along as we can keep a running total of just how many people made the correct or incorrect decision.

The beauty of Twitter means that you can only vote once so there is no fraud here, unless you wanted to take the time to vote with multiple accounts. If you want to do that then it is entirely up to you and thanks for taking the time in which to do so.

That also means that as a running total and our first poll being correct it is 1-0 in footballing terms in regards to correct picks, again we will keep a ongoing count and match that against the favourites in each game and see how much of a bias there is in regards to that.

It’s all very formative at the moment but the more polls carried out will take this in many different directions, the fun has only just begun

Please feel free to follow me on twitter and join in the polls and if this website has bought you there then please do say hello, also if you want to contact me in regards to any football data work that you currently have available then you can email me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com