After analysing the data across England, France and Spain over the past few days it is now time to delve further into Western Europe as our next call is the Bundesliga. If you’ve read the pieces I have collated this week then you should know the drill by now.

However if you have not managed to read any of the previous articles (of which you are more than welcome to go back and check out) then the concept is to find out which teams are the most and least efficient across Europe when it comes to shots vs goals.

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Here is the Bundesliga table after 11 weeks while also working out the amount of total shots taken.

R Team Shots pg Games Played Total Shots
1 Bayern Munich 19.1 11 210
2 Borussia Dortmund 17.2 11 189
3 RasenBallsport Leipzig 15.2 11 167
4 Augsburg 13.4 11 147
5 Bayer Leverkusen 15.2 11 167
6 Eintracht Frankfurt 12.7 11 140
7 Hoffenheim 14.2 11 156
8 Hannover 96 11.9 11 131
9 Schalke 04 12 11 132
10 Borussia M.Gladbach 14.7 11 162
11 Wolfsburg 10.8 11 119
12 VfB Stuttgart 12.4 11 136
13 Hertha Berlin 7.7 11 85
14 Mainz 05 12.3 11 135
15 Werder Bremen 13 11 143
16 Hamburger SV 11.7 11 129
17 FC Cologne 13.5 11 149
18 Freiburg 10.8 11 119

While here are those 18 Bundesliga teams ranked in order of shot efficiency (shots vs goals)

Team GF Total Shots Shot Efficency
Hertha Berlin 14 85 6.1
Borussia Dortmund 28 189 6.8
Bayer Leverkusen 23 167 7.3
Bayern Munich 27 210 7.8
Hoffenheim 20 156 7.8
Hannover 96 15 131 8.7
Wolfsburg 13 119 9.1
Augsburg 16 147 9.2
RasenBallsport Leipzig 18 167 9.3
Schalke 04 14 132 9.4
Borussia M.Gladbach 17 162 9.5
Eintracht Frankfurt 13 140 10.7
Mainz 05 12 135 11.3
Hamburger SV 10 129 12.9
VfB Stuttgart 10 136 13.6
Freiburg 6 119 19.8
Werder Bremen 4 143 35.8
FC Cologne 4 149 37.1

And to give us a greater level of posterity, I’ll now rank the 18 clubs in order of the total shots they have had so far this season

Team GF Total Shots
Bayern Munich 27 210
Borussia Dortmund 28 189
Bayer Leverkusen 23 167
RasenBallsport Leipzig 18 167
Borussia M.Gladbach 17 162
Hoffenheim 20 156
FC Cologne 4 149
Augsburg 16 147
Werder Bremen 4 143
Eintracht Frankfurt 13 140
VfB Stuttgart 10 136
Mainz 05 12 135
Schalke 04 14 132
Hannover 96 15 131
Hamburger SV 10 129
Wolfsburg 13 119
Freiburg 6 119
Hertha Berlin 14 85

But the most important part is the graph which ranks these 18 clubs in order of shot efficiency (smallest to largest)


As it is only the first week in which we have reported on this data there is no real compare and contrast, that will come as the weeks and months go by but after 11 weeks of the Bundesliga season we can see that Hertha Berlin are the most efficient team in the division.

But there is one fatal flaw in this, the simple fact that Hertha Berlin have had the least efforts on goal. They are averaging short of 8 shots per game and it only takes them 6.1 of those to score a goal, so yes they are efficient but you get the feeling that they would rather be creating more.

If we look at the Bavarian giants Bayern Munich their current efficiency ranking is 7.8 but you also need to take into account that they have created 210 chances, roughly 20 or so per game. A significant amount more than that of Hertha while their nearest rivals Borussia Dortmund find themselves second in the charts at 6.8.

What is also interesting is the huge numbers at the other end of the scale, Werder Bremen and FC Cologne are cast far adrift from the other 16 teams in the division. The fact they have scored just four goals each this season obviously does not help their plight with their efficiency at an eye watering 35.8 and 37.1

There are some huge similarities to that of Crystal Palace in the Premier League chart as Roy Hodgson’s men have themselves only scored four goals.

But let’s now take a look at the variance from efficiency ranking to league placing


Again positive numbers is a sign of over performing in terms of efficiency in relation to league placing while the opposite can be said for the negative numbers and when you look at this chart it is quite apparent as to what is the most eye catching figure.

Hertha Berlin are 13th in the Bundesliga but top of the shot efficiency ranking, this +12 variance is the biggest that we have witnessed across Europe so far. But again this come with the strong caveat that they have made far fewer chances in comparison to the other 77 clubs that have been analysed.

With Bayern Munich top of the table they only find themselves 4th in this chart and are therefore under performing in relation to their league position while Borussia Dortmund have an exact match in the two metrics, it is not good news for RB Leipzig who although 3rd in the league have the joint highest negative variance with Eintracht Frankfurt.

The two least efficient teams Werder Bremen and FC Cologne have a minus two and minus one variance respectively, so this suggests they also have very low league placings which comes as no real surprise when you consider they have scored just four goals each.

In terms of the split in the three variance categories it is as follows

Also there is a relatively even split in terms of the categories of variance in the Bundesliga that being:

8 Positive
0 Neutral
9 Negative

So where Ligue 1 was a more broader split across the three this is nearly a 50/50 split positive and negative with only Borussia Dortmund’s variance stopping this from being the case.

Next week I will also add in a table of the difference week on week in terms of shot efficiency rankings, so we can have a clear grasp of the movers and shakers. The rest of the week I will compiling data from Italy and will then look to build a Europe wide top 20 – that will come next week I would imagine.


I hope this was of interest to you and if you have any football data work available then please contact me at as I am always looking to undertake additional projects to the ones I already have. Thanks, Dan.