Now if you a regular viewer to this website then firstly thanks but you will be aware that I have carried out a few polls over the summer to see if social media and by extension of that twitter knows what they are talking about. Out of the 8 polls that I have carried out, it was a 5-3 win to twitter so the wisdom of crowds was never going to make me rich but at least it knew what it was talking about more often than not.

That was interesting enough but now is this where it will pick up a level as now I’m going to start carrying out polls on Premier League matches and see just how successful the general public are in terms of predictions. Not only that but we will also be able to spot any trends in regards to certain picks and certain behaviours.

I’ll do my very best to carry out 380 polls and there may be a lag on when they get analysed but it is less time sensitive than running my other website Real Football Man so we can afford a bit of delay every now and again as the long as the data is correct at the end.

And with the Premier League starting tonight what better place to start then at The Emirates as Arsenal take on Leicester. Unlike the previous polls where it was a straight A or B pick now we have the league format it is obviously going to add another option into the mix which ultimately is going to make life harder in regards to predictions

So with that in mind lets take a look at how Twitter thinks this one will pan out

As you can see there is quite the overwhelming victory for Arsenal with 65% of the vote thinking they will win and a combined 35% thinking that they won’t – that is just under a 2:1 ratio for an Arsenal win.

If we now compare that to what the bookmakers say – I’ll go with Sky Bet as the constant throughout the campaign

Arsenal 1/2
Draw 11/2
Leicester 7/2

Which when you look at the odds that is a 66% chance of Arsenal winning so in all honesty pretty much matched what the bookies have said.

To be honest it comes as no real surprise that the voters of which there were 51 of you have matched what the bookmakers have said as this happened in each of the 8 summer polls I carried out, I wonder which will be the first game to actually buck the trend

So we have the data now in place, now we just have to wait for the result to see if twitter can get itself off the mark with a perfect start.

Unfortunately I’m not going to have time to pre-analyse each and every other one of these polls but what I will be able to do as an extension of this, is put my money where YOUR mouth is as I’m going to do a Saturday accumulator of £1 on the data that you provide me. Talk about confidence or should that be lunacy?

Please feel free to follow me on twitter and join in the polls and if this website has bought you there then please do say hello, also if you want to contact me in regards to any football data work that you currently have available then you can email me at