Time for another “scientific poll” now and this time around it is the Community Shield between Arsenal and Chelsea, as you can see below it is the league champions that have got the bulk of the votes on twitter this time around.

With a sample size of 58 which actually is the largest sample size since these have started, as always thanks to all that have got involved and due to this sample size it means the average sample has now increased to 43 – therefore obviously this an above average sample.

In addition to that Twitter has also once again gone with the bookmakers favourites, in all 7 polls that have been carried out in this format the most popular choice has always so once again there is also some favourite bias coming into play here.

The odds at present are:

Arsenal 13/5 (2.6/1)
Chelsea 21/10 (2.1/1)

This is also with the option of a draw though the odds would be slightly different in the outright market

What is also interesting is the fact that the majority of my twitter followers are Tottenham fans so it whether or not they avoided this poll remains to be seen, but there is also the added caveat of not wanting replies like “no-one” as they are no good to me

Another route to consider going down is to whether or not ask for RT’s to increase sample size, if we go down this route then it will skew the sample sizes as different polls could get a different amount of RT’s therefore we want to try and keep it a level playing field as possible.

At present Twitter has got 4 out of the 6 polls correct, giving them a 66.6% success rate can they make it 5 from 7 this afternoon. There will be a handful of polls to carry out including Real Madrid as they play in both the European and Spanish Supercups across the next week but the main focus will then be on the Premier League polls where I am really going to put some theories to the test.

Please feel free to follow me on twitter and join in the polls and if this website has bought you there then please do say hello, also if you want to contact me in regards to any football data work that you currently have available then you can email me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com