The Community Shield may have taken place on Sunday so it is a long time removed since the first silverware of the season was handed out but there is still the small matter of analysing the prediction data from the game between Arsenal and Chelsea

Firstly we need to recap what Twitter thought would happen

You can see there were 58 votes and as always thanks to all of you that took part, going into the game there was nearly a 3:2 ration of votes going towards Chelsea. That meant that of the 58 people that voted, 33 of them voted Chelsea and 25 would vote for Arsenal.

As we know by now unless you have been living in the dark ages for the past week, Arsenal would go on to win by virtue of a penalty shoot out and ultimately that means that Social Media got this one. It is perhaps harsh when it goes down to a penalty defeat but at the end of the day the vote is who was to win and this time around it went with the underdog.

Like all the six previous polls before hand the votes went with the bias towards the bookmakers favourites, but had those 33 voters also placed a bet on the outcome they would have lost money also. It will be interesting to see when if at all we see a vote split that goes against the bookmakers.

With this being poll number 7 it means that it is now 4-3 in terms of correct polls, somewhat proving that perhaps the wisdom of crowds does not work and too many cooks spoil the broth and all that.

One interesting note is that of the two matches that have gone to penalties, both have seen the non favourites and least votes come out on top at the end of the game. Perhaps this is more of anamoly then anything to actually read into too much.

As a running score there have been 301 total votes over the 7 polls again thanks to all that have taken the time to vote. Of those 301 votes, 156 of them have been the correct amount and 145 have been incorrect that means that there is a split of

51.83% correct votes
48.17% incorrect votes

Therefore not only is it close in the total scores but it is also even closer in terms of the total vote share. Social Media needs to start pulling it’s finger out and getting a few more wins on the board.

That concludes this analysis for poll number 7

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