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The Son Always Shines At Wembley

Tottenham solidified their current fourth place in the Premier League with a 2-0 win over Huddersfield at Wembley, the result arguably came as no real surprise as Mauricio Pochettino’s men extended their unbeaten run to 11 league matches (the current… Continue Reading →

Who Is Top Of The Social Media Premier League

There is no doubting what part Social Media plays currently in our day to day lives and that statement is arguably most apparent when it comes to Football. The world of Football on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and… Continue Reading →

Goals For Versus Goals Against Ratio

Now it does not need a genius to work out that in the beautiful game we otherwise call football that goals for a whole lot better than goals against. More of the former and less of the latter will calculate… Continue Reading →

Goals And Performance Do Not Match For Dortmund

Time to return to Germany now as I analyse another raft of Bundesliga data, firstly apologies for not working through Week 13 as time got the better of me. I think to manage expectations the French, Italian and German articles… Continue Reading →

A Case For The Premier League Defence

If you are a regular reader of the website, firstly thanks but secondly you will no doubt be aware that I am keeping a keen eye at how efficient teams are in not just the Premier League but also the… Continue Reading →

Arsenal And Their Misfiring Guns

Time to once again look at shot efficiency in the Premier League now and things have changed in terms of shots and team that has had the most. Well it’s now two teams who share that mantle as Manchester City… Continue Reading →

You Do Win Friends With Salah

A bonus point if you can work out the reference in the title but enough of the quiz questions it’s time to once again look at just how much of a contribution each of the top 10 Premier League goalscorers… Continue Reading →

PSG Are Running Riot In Ligue 1

Firstly apologies for missing out Week 14 of the Ligue 1 season the gameweek must have unknowingly passed me by therefore we will have to skip a round of fixtures and move on to Week 15 which in itself is… Continue Reading →

Napoli Not Sleeping In Front On Goal

Time for another visit to Italy now and apologies that I’m a week behind the Premier League midweek fixtures while giving me a whole host of content to write about both here and on my other website Real Football Man… Continue Reading →

Premier League Shot Conversion Therapy

The data that is being analysed in terms of shot efficiency is growing with each week but we can also look at this is a different way, what about shot conversion. The way we do this is simply take the… Continue Reading →

Manchester City March On In Front Of Goal

In the last article of this series it was once again apparent that Manchester City were clear in front in terms of shot efficiency in the Premier League but after another raft of midweek action has this made any change… Continue Reading →

The Law Of Premier League Goal Averages

A few days ago I looked at the different element of Premier League data and created a piece on Premier League goal averages and their correlation between that and where a team sits in the table. After the midweek fixtures… Continue Reading →

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